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Challenge Accepted


There is no such thing as a “challenge” in wedding planning. Ok, maybe there is at times… But, that doesn’t mean that we at Shawn Schindler Events aren’t equipped to handle them!

September 8th, 2018

It was a sweltering hot day as autumn in the Carolina’s had yet to make an appearance. The weather wasn’t the only thing heating up the day, Shawn Schindler Events' couple, Sabrina and Keith, were warming up for their wedding festivities. Now, let me preface this blog post with some background information. We brought on Sabrina and Keith as an SSE couple from the Preston Woodall House 10 (yes, TEN) days before their wedding date.

For anyone planning their own wedding or any planners reading this, you know that there is a lot that goes into the wedding planning process and a lot of information that gets collected during the process. Ten days, can thus, seem like a challenge. However, it was a challenge that we at Shawn Schindler Events took head on! In ten days, we managed to gather all the necessary details, learn the unique wedding elements that made Sabrina and Keith’s wedding so beautiful and most importantly – built an amazing relationship with the couple. With a lot of phone calls, FaceTimes, in-person meetings and emails, we proved:

there was no “challenge” to execute their amazing wedding celebration!

Sabrina and Keith came from different backgrounds, with family and friends from all over the world coming together to watch this beautiful couple begin their new life together. While Sabrina and Keith had technically been married since the Thursday prior to their wedding date, the ceremony that took place September 8th was an event to celebrate Sabrina’s culture. From a mix of traditional, contemporary and culturally influenced music, to the celebration of official marriage involving a turning of the bride three times, the wedding ring placed over each finger of the bride three times and a kiss on each cheek three times followed by a showering of sweets and money, and a celebratory shota dance added in for good measure – this wedding was truly an amazing celebration of marriage to behold. Sabrina and Keith did such a wonderful job planning out all the important details to incorporate both of their families and cultures into their special day and it was definitely noticed.

That being said, all these unique details made the ten day planning process a new experience for Shawn Schindler Events – but one that I personally adored. I was beyond honored to take what could’ve been a challenging situation and turn the experience into one that was everything Sabrina and Keith could’ve hoped for and more.

Check out the Ethan Britt Films video of Sabrina and Keith’s fantastic wedding day to see first-hand how we make sure, there is no such thing as a “challenge” in wedding planning!



Of course, no wedding planner overcomes any challenges on their own. Our amazing vendors from Sabrina and Keith’s Wedding are credited with the amazing support and team effort that went into making this day as wonderful as it was!

Venue / Catering / Rentals:

Preston Woodall House


Shawn Schindler Events

-Jaycee McCarthy [Lead Planner]

-Sara Beth Thorpe [Assistant]

Photography / Videography:


DJ Rone

[Florist] Florist:


Hair & Makeup:

Silver Ceiling


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