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  • Taylor Woodall

Decisions Over Decisions

Updated: Feb 27, 2021


November 21, 2020

Photography By: Rachel Elisabeth


If you’re reading this...I am so glad you’re here.

I’m going to take you back to October 2019... I was looking at venues in the area that could accommodate 200+ guests because both my fiancé and myself come from big families. We were able to secure a venue and get our guest list down to 220 guests. We sent save the dates out...

Fast forward to April 2020. Nothing was looking up. I was consumed by watching the news everyday to learn more about Covid-19 and how it impacted our wedding day. We started talking about what postponing looked like. What it entailed. Reading the fine print in contracts over and over. After nonstop months of going over pros and cons of postponing we decided to keep our date. Ultimately it came down to a family decision that my grandpa was getting older and we wanted him to be around for my wedding. In addition to that being our decision maker, my fiancé and I had dated for 10 years at this point and realized we were ready to be married.

With these two decision makers, our families' support and faith, we moved forward to keep our plan of getting married in November 2020.

One day, after watching and waiting for the governors update to see if he would increase the number of people at events...I realized that this was something that was consuming me. I decided at that moment that none of that mattered anymore. I was going to stick with plan B (limited guest count) and I would work up a plan c and d and that would be it.

After realizing that waiting around for every update was taking the fun out of the planning process...I stopped.

I decided to become okay with the fact that not everyone we sent save the dates to would get an in person invite. Also, I decided to be okay with it being more intimate. After being okay with the fact that some others had it worse than me...I realized none of the small things mattered.

We diligently worked on safety details to make sure each guest was safe. This included thinking about details such - each guest having their own pen when singing the guest book. There were many pros to the smaller guest count that I was so happy about leading up to the wedding day.

After all, the day was perfect and we got married in front of our closest family and friends..we couldn't have asked for more.

My advice: It is hard for me to say just one thing but lean into your family and through the decisions together and make the decision that makes YOU the happiest. You will hear lots of thoughts and's YOUR day and YOU do what makes YOU happy. :-)

Stay safe!



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