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  • Amanda Ronan

4 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

(…other than with your décor) you remember that last friend's wedding? ...what they did with the candle sticks and vintage books? Did they use peacock feathers instead of flowers? They even broke a piñata instead of doing a garter/bouquet toss! Golly – talk about being “original,” and let me tell you, it worked! But let’s be honest, just because it worked for them, it doesn’t mean it works for you.

So I guess we’re going back to the traditional ways... *sighs*

Uh...Not really!

Each and every wedding is as beautiful and unique as you’d like it to be no matter the cost, whether it is economical or on the generous side. But it is important to remember one thing, something that gets set up and torn down within a few hours should never be the main focus of your special day. Yes, I am talking about those Pinterest decorations you keep eyeballing late at night. Now, don't get me wrong, decorations play quite the role when creating and flipping spaces into a dream, but let’s not forget that they are still just the icing on top. Your wedding day is ultimately about the coming together of two families, the start of a new life with the love of your life; so yes, there are many more ways to make your day unique and special, one that your guests will always remember, one that you can call your own. So don’t lose sight of these important elements that will carry your most treasured memories because you got excited about the goldfish-swimming-inside-floating-candles idea you ran across Pinterest two days ago.

With that being said, let’s get to the facts!

Serve a meal that you love! I don’t know about you, but my love language is food. Why not show your guests who you are as a couple through the food you serve at your reception? Sure, you could pass appetizers at cocktail hour, but what about taking things up a notch with a make-your-own taco bar? Have a family specialty that has been passed down for generations? Share the recipe with your caterer so they can create a special take on the dish.

Pick out the right songs. I love Maroon 5’s Sugar as much as the next girl, but no one requires you to use it as your cake cutting song. A first dance is a great representation to show off your style, but why stop there? Your introduction song, bouquet toss, and even the music chosen for the background music during dinner are all opportunities for something special.

There can be more to it than just “I do." If all eyes are going to be on you for 10-60 minutes during your ceremony, you should probably make the best of them. After all, the whole reason for the celebration is for you both to tie the knot, so that piece of the day deserves a personal touch too. Take a little extra time crafting a ceremony with your officiant that is special to you both as a couple. Write your own vows, or perform a special ceremony within your ceremony, or maybe involve your family members. YOGMO (you only get married once ☺)!

Assemble your Bridal Party.

Gone are the days where brides are expected to have female attendants in matching outfits and grooms to have men by their side. Choose those who are most important in your life to stand with you up at that altar... whether that be a man, woman, dog or cat. What should they wear? Sky’s the limit! Go traditional, go casual, mix and match colors and textures; you know what they say, you are the company you keep!

Weighing out what is most important to you and your spouse and setting your priorities straight when making wedding decisions is key to how you both want to remember your day best. So talk these out and get ready for one of the most memorable events in your life!


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