Our Veterans, A Family in Need ..

30 Nov Our Veterans, A Family in Need ..

In addition to giving 100 veterans a wonderful lunch to celebrate this holiday season we have been asked to help a veteran family in need. The family is a single mother with 7 children and we would love to help give this family a wonderful holiday. We asked her to give us wish lists for each child (and asked for her wish list too) and what we would like to do is have our industry partners or anyone who wants to give choose a specific child or mom to give to.

We hope to find 8 people/companies/families to adopt one of the family members to make this Christmas wish come true.  As you can see, they are requesting very basic items.   I already had one of my favorite photographers “adopt” the 9 year old girl.  Huge thanks to Mica and Tesh with IWP Photography and Videography!!

We at Shawn Schindler Events will keep up with who has chosen each child and keep you updated on who still needs items. You can drop your items off at 1705 Prime on December14th or at Shawn Schindler Events’ office before December 20th.  We would like to be able to present the gifts to the mom on the 21st of December.  Please give Shawn a call at (919) 417-0460 or email at shawn@shawnschindlerevents.com to participate.

Below are the wish lists for each child and their mom:

Mom: size 12 pants, Med top, 9.5 shoe, scented candles, comfortable socks, fleece, cozy comfy stuff (would love an eye mask) or anything to pamper her. She would like to cook  Christmas dinner and is in need of groceries, and treats for the holiday meal.

The family needs a computer and printer.

7 children: studious, honor roll, love books.

  1. Girl:  age 20, size 5 ladies pants, medium top, shoe 8.5.  Is in college and needs mini fridge.
  2. Girl: age 21, size Med top, bottom 7 shoe 7.5. Is in college, needs a microwave.
  3. Boy: age 15, 32×32 pants and men’s size small top, shoe size 11, likes adidas T-shirts and other athletic clothing, loves UNC Tar Heels.
  4. Girl : age 14, size 16 in girls sizes, size 2 or small in adult sizes, shoe 8.5. She likes jeans, hoodies, is a tom boy, no dresses, cute style but not prissy, sport head bands, athletic clothes.
  5. Girl: age 9, size 10 slim bottoms, 10-12 tops, 4.5 shoe. Is a  “diva” loves nail polish and headbands and lip gloss and girly stuff.
  6. Boy: age 8, size 8 pants and top, size 4 shoe. He likes reptiles and wants to play club softball, would need glove etc.
  7. Girl:  age 4, size 6 pants, size 5 top, shoe size 10. Is hoping for a bike w/training wheels.

Practical clothes and necessities for all, dress up for the high school boy for sports events. PJ’s, socks etc for everyone including mom.

Wrapping paper and supplies needed for the gifts donated above.


We absolutely love working with this group who is so deserving of a special holiday so any donations will be welcome. You may also still donate to our giveaways for the veteran luncheon if you would like, just contact Shawn.

Alex Watkins
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