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03 Feb Madison & Cody

Madison and Cody

July 1st, 2016

The Stockroom at 230

Raleigh, North Carolina

Middle school sweethearts, Madison and Cody Hartley, became husband and wife after many years of prayer and many years of friendship filled with love and faith. These two young lovebirds became one on July 1st on a Friday evening at the Stockroom at 230. This wedding venue was the perfect fit for a romantic chic wedding with elegant blush pink and champagne colors, candle lit lanterns, baby’s breath flowers, and lots of chalk art. Family and friends joined together to witness a beautiful ceremony including washing of the feet, exchanging of vows, and many other traditions. Once the reception started, everyone got on their feet to dance the night away while enjoying a delicious assortment of dessert. Shawn Schindler Events has known this family for many years; it truly made this a special and sentimental wedding that created everlasting memories for all.


Shawn Schindler Events

The Stockroom at 230

The Freezing Pointe

Expressions of Love

Brian Mullins Photography LLC.

CE Rental

Videography by John Schlicter

Musicians/DJ’s Kane & Kohl


Hair by Salon Blu

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03 Jun Suzanne & John








Suzanne and John

April 16th, 2016

The Gingerbread Meeting House

Shelby, North Carolina

Suzanne and John say their “I Do’s” at the soft and romantic Gingerbread Meeting House, sharing laughs, faith, and lasting memories with family and friends. Shawn Schindler Events brought together this loving couple in an elegant and intimate atmosphere, bringing the couple’s vision to life. Weddings are special, but family weddings are extra special, and that is what made this wedding so unforgettable and sentimental.

All weddings are special to us, but we have known Suzanne for many, many years.  It was an honor to be a part of her special day…the day she married her prince charming!



Shawn Schindler Events

The Gingerbread Meeting House


Expressions of Love Florist

Hair by Julia Tanner

Photography by MPA Weddings

CE Rental

Take a look inside Suzanne & John’s highlight video!

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09 Jun Tossing out the traditions?

While catching up on all things wedding related through nearly any outlet possible, we have discovered that many topics of discussion have been focused on the “typical” wedding traditions and tossing them out of the modern wedding mix.

Cosmopolitan Magazine shared an article about the 7 Wedding Traditions That Need to Die. A little bit of a melodramatic title for something wedding related, but none-the-less, it seems to revel in the collected opinions of the magazines readers. The bouquet toss, garter retrieval, bridesmaids, the white dress, father giveaway, not seeing each other before hand and lastly, the cake smashing.

We can understand some of the ideas behind nixing some long-standing traditions, after all, who wants to ruin the gorgeous make-up which you spent way too long sitting in a chair getting done? Or even worse, having your dear old gram gram watching your new husband shove his head up your dress to retrieve a garter…

Now that doesn’t mean we oppose any of the traditions at your wedding, it is your day, not ours!

But, for all our future “brides-to-be” or even those reading who are or have been married, what do you think of the tossing out of traditions for today’s “modern” brides?

Comment, quote, link or rebuttal. We want your opinions!

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