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09 Jun Tossing out the traditions?

While catching up on all things wedding related through nearly any outlet possible, we have discovered that many topics of discussion have been focused on the “typical” wedding traditions and tossing them out of the modern wedding mix.

Cosmopolitan Magazine shared an article about the 7 Wedding Traditions That Need to Die. A little bit of a melodramatic title for something wedding related, but none-the-less, it seems to revel in the collected opinions of the magazines readers. The bouquet toss, garter retrieval, bridesmaids, the white dress, father giveaway, not seeing each other before hand and lastly, the cake smashing.

We can understand some of the ideas behind nixing some long-standing traditions, after all, who wants to ruin the gorgeous make-up which you spent way too long sitting in a chair getting done? Or even worse, having your dear old gram gram watching your new husband shove his head up your dress to retrieve a garter…

Now that doesn’t mean we oppose any of the traditions at your wedding, it is your day, not ours!

But, for all our future “brides-to-be” or even those reading who are or have been married, what do you think of the tossing out of traditions for today’s “modern” brides?

Comment, quote, link or rebuttal. We want your opinions!

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