29 Nov Celebrating Our Triangle Veterans – Giving Back this Holiday Season

Shawn Schindler Events is proud to announce the industry professional’s participating in the 3rd annual Holiday luncheon for the Raleigh Vet Center on December 14th at 1705 Prime at 1705 E. Millbrook Drive in Raleigh.  The event will begin at 11:30am.



This year we would like every veteran in attendance to leave with a gift. We are accepting door prizes for males and females. Suggested gifts are gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, gift baskets, etc.

If you are interested in helping us say thank you to our veterans, you can contact Shawn Schindler at 919-417-0460 or email to let Shawn know how you would like to be a part of “giving back”!

Let us join together in these efforts so you too, may share your appreciation with us!

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25 Feb Pinterest Problems and DIY Drama: The Reason a Professional Makes A Difference

Pinterest Problems Blog

When Pinterest began in 2010, brides to be took to the internet in a fury to pin their wedding desires and DIY dreams in hopes of a hands-on wedding process full of customized decor and a personalized touch.

While the idea of a bride creating their own decor, substituting the professionals for a more “Pinspirational” approach seems cost-efficient and simplistic, the outcomes are not nearly as “Pinspiring” as hoped.

With the website, She Finds elaborating on the 10 Reasons Not to Plan Your Wedding On Pinterest, the Pinterest goggles (#10) come off in this blog post and reality is openly displayed. For those of you reading, this isn’t our way of telling you the DIY details you’ve added to your wedding plans are bad, actually quite opposite. Its important to know more about when and where to apply the “Pinteresting” idea’s you have for your wedding!

Here are some professional inputs (or reasons) as to why Pinterest Problems and DIY Drama occurs and why an event specialist makes the difference:

  • You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix something you need an electrician for.
    It is the same with wedding planning. Those of us in events are professionals that have experience, knowledge and connections in the event industry which you, your “best friend that planned her sisters wedding” or anyone else may not have. A team is essential to any line of work and that goes true to your wedded ideals. A florist is a florist because they know flowers, a caterer is a caterer because they know what it takes to cater an event, not a work luncheon of drop-off delivery and ditch.
    While Pinterest seems like a good place to get DIY floral arrangements and “I could do this cheaper than…” thoughts, it ends in disarray. You pay for a fantastic photographer, why would you have the design of your event (which they capture on film) displaying anything other than the perfection you witnessed on Pinterest, which more than likely is not an actual image of what it REALLY would look like.


  • How much do you REALLY know about planning a wedding?
    Do you know the standard industry catering fee? Do you know the proper order of processional? Do you know how many chiavari chairs fit at a 60 inch round table, with or without charger plates? Didn’t think so… That is why you hire a professional! All of us in the event industry know what it takes to make an event happen and it is with that knowledge that we pass on to you (the bride) that makes not only your life easier, but more cost-efficient than you think.
    The 20 dollar store votives you (may have) purchased for your centerpiece floating candles fueled your “Pinning” process plans. However, now you find the task of delegation for a friend or family member to clean, fill (equally) and properly put in a floating candle during the reception set-up time, which is during your ceremony, for 15 or more tables. Now, wouldn’t a couple extra dollars have saved you and anyone you’ve delegated, the time, stress and effort of simply putting out candle votives, which doesn’t even include any other flowers or decor? Not to mention, a wedding professional does pick-up and drop-off which means someone else doesn’t have to bring everything and take it with them when they leave. Again, these are the small things that a wedding professional can help you with!


  • The “It’ll Be So Original!” thought process.
    Unless Katherine Hiegle makes your wedding dress 28 of her “27 Dresses” we can guarantee that no one else knows of the wedding trends more than an event professional. We know all our clients (and our industry friends’ clients) linens, decor and wedding idea’s far more than you or anyone else may. While Pinterest seems like a hub of originality, the current number of users exceeds any number of original idea’s you could implement in your special day.
    Your wedding is meant to be your day and thus, serve it as a guide not a design book that looks like every other big day posted on someones board. Last thing you want at your next holiday party is all of your newlywed friends commenting on how “I did the same thing when WE got married!” on all your wedding pictures displayed around your house.

Now, these are just three small notes we have made in regards to our professional experiences in the Pinterest Problems and DIY Drama’s but there are obviously more we could share. However, this blog isn’t meant to be a sass-filled elaboration on whats wrong with brides who DIY their Pinsperations, actually, its meant to explain how to be smart with your Pinned plans and Michael’s coupons when it comes to your special day.

We at Shawn Schindler Events know you deserve a wonderful, memorable and unique wedding to serve as the perfect reflection of you. Let us help you do just that!

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  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography
  • Courtesy of Michael Moss Photography

08 Jan Showing Our Style in Southern Bride and Groom


With every seasonal change, Shawn Schindler Events loves to showcase one of our favorite events from the prior wedding season, advertising our services and talents as a full feature spread in Southern Bride and Groom.


In Volume 29 for Winter/Spring 2016, Shawn Schindler Events displayed a glamorous and lavish wedding from July 2015. Among the hundreds of pages displaying other Triangle wedding vendors, Shawn Schindler Events showcased our usual advertisement, in conjunction to displaying our full feature 2-page spread at The Stockroom at 230‘s for Angie Cole and David Padilla’s wedding.


In the article, Angie states “Shawn Schindler and her team were amazing… From our initial consultation, through the planning process, and the day of our wedding, Shawn was always one step ahead.” In addition, she added that “There wasn’t a detail that went unnoticed. I owe the beautiful evening to her expertise and love for her career.”


Angie and David emulated true love through every step and detail in the wedding process, which made it easy for the Shawn Schindler Events team to showcase our love for what we do!


Pick up your copy of Southern Bride and Groom and cozy up, away from the January chill and check out Shawn Schindler Events at The Stockroom (pg. 188 to 189) and our great new advertisement right after (pg. 190.) Until you can slip on your wool socks and grab your copy, feel free to take a look through the gallery we included with Angie and David’s pictures from Michael Moss Photography sent to us from Donna at Southern Bride and Groom from the spread!


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03 Dec Shawn Schindler Events Honors Our Veterans

Celebrating Our Triangle Veterans


Shawn Schindler Events and many of the Triangle’s leading event professionals are honored to show our appreciation to those who have served our country!

On December 10th, we will host the 2nd annual Holiday luncheon for the Raleigh Vet Center at 1705 Prime at 1705 E. Millbrook Drive in Raleigh.  The event will begin at 11:30am.

We are so thankful for the following vendors and friends who have committed to join us again this year.

1705 Prime – Venue
Rocky Top Catering – Catering
The Garden on Millbrook – Catering
Ashley’s Cakes – Dessert
IWP Photography and Videography
SPIN – DJ/Entertainment
CE Rentals – Linens
Expressions of Love Florist – Florals
Members of Mid-Way Baptist Church
We welcome our new team member, Catering By Design, to the list of vendors willing to give back to those that gave so much for us!

For every day our veterans serve and protect, we at Shawn Schindler Events want to show our appreciation and we love partnering with our fellow event industry professionals for this special cause.

Your time and talents are welcomed and we would love to have you join us. Our current wish list is live entertainment.

This year we would like every veteran in attendance to leave with a gift. We are accepting door prizes for males and females. Suggested gifts are gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, gift baskets, etc.

If you are interested in helping us say thank you to our veterans, you can contact Shawn Schindler at 919-417-0460 or email to let Shawn know how you would like to be a part of “giving back”!


Let us join together in these efforts so you too, may share your appreciation with us!

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02 Nov Shawn Schindler…..Celebrating 15 Years!!

057Shawn Shindler Team _J

Shawn Schindler, Owner and Lead Consultant of Shawn Schindler Events is celebrating 15 years in the event industry and we feel the best way to celebrate such a momentous milestone, is to give back!


Shawn shares, “I have been so blessed by my career!  I deeply value the relationships with the event professionals I have the privilege of working with each week and our amazing staff, past and present, that have contributed greatly to our success.   Most importantly, my life has been so enriched by the hundreds of couples and families I have worked with during my 15 years.  Giving back seems small compared to how full my life is as a professional event planner.”


During our anniversary month of November, for every client that books our Spectacular event package, Shawn Schindler Events will donate $150 to one of our team selected charities. In addition to this, for any client who books our Timeless package, we will donate $50.

Our team thought long and hard about how we should celebrate the accomplishments and success of Shawn Schindler Events. After realizing how passionate we are about our community and all of those within it that help make every event we do so special, we realized giving back that very same community is the best way to celebrate.

We have been so blessed to be able to have been a part of so many individuals’ lives and to be a part of so many more as the years continue. It truly is a huge accomplishment for the Shawn Schindler Events team to have made it 15 years in the hands with growing success, of Shawn Schindler.

Each one of us came together to think of our own local nonprofits to which we would charitably contribute and our choices are as follows. Every single one of these amazing organizations have provided our community with resources, help and so much more. Follow the links to learn more about each of our selections and all that they have provided for our Triangle Area and beyond.


Thank you all so much for helping us get to where we are, in a field we not only love but are passionate about and for helping us celebrate 15 years!

Raleigh Rescue Mission

North Carolina Troopers Association

Wake County SPCA

Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

Community of Hope – Garner, North Carolina

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07 Jul Rebellion Bow Ties

rebellion bow ties

Giving back is something very important to us at Shawn Schindler Events.

Recently, we had met two wonderful young women who have started their own company, Rebellion Bow Ties. Being a supporter of local businesses, we have fallen in love with Rebellion Bow Ties. Founded by two single mothers, Grace Bounds and Deborah Kirby, personally handcraft the bow ties sold.

This bow tie company utilizes recycled fabrics and is up-cycled into a wearable, quality bow tie.  What makes this company so unique is that they donate 5% of all proceed earned to the charity of the month. If you yourself work for a non-profit, you are able to communicate with the company about becoming an organization to which they donate. You are also able to donate directly, without the purchase of a bow tie to their charity of the month through their website.

The current charity of the month is, Extraordinary Ventures. Extraordinary Ventures is a non-profit organization who provides men and women with autism or other developmental disabilities with jobs.

For your next event, social function or date night, be sure to check out this fantastic company!
Website: www.rebellionbowties.com
Facebook: Rebellion Bow Ties
Contact (email) Information: rebellionbowties@gmail.com
Donation Information: www.rebellionbowties.com/rebel-4-cause

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22 May The Crown Jewel Awards

Crown Jewel Awards
The Charlotte, North Carolina Chapter of the International Special Event Society hosted the Crown Jewel Awards on April 26th, 2015 recognizing the creativity of the premier events throughout the Carolinas.
Inside a tent at the Mint Museum, purple lighting and elegant décor greeted ISES industry members into the awards gala. The first award ceremony of the season for Shawn Schindler Events awarded a talented team from the Greater Triangle Chapter with “Best ISES Team Event.” The award recognized the contributions and talents of participating members who participated in the submitted event.
The evening began with a cocktail reception and silent auction of Charlotte based artists’ works. Attendees mingled while enjoy the ambiance, as the reception began to shift into dinner and the awards ceremony. International Special Event Society members within in the Carolina’s took home an array of awards, recognizing their talent.
Upon winning our own award (Best ISES Team Event), music dancing, entertainment and conversation tied up the evening. With one award won so far, the awards’ season at Shawn Schindler Events is just getting started!
Thank you so much to the very special, Greater Triangle ISES team for their attributions to the success of our winning event!  Rocky Top Hospitality, Shutterbooth, Brian Mullins Photography, The Grand Marquise Ballroom, Creative Visions, Capital Production Group, Halftone Studios, Fresh Affairs and Elevate.

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22 May The Governors Medallion Awards for Volunteer Service

Governors Awards

The 37th annual Governors Medallion Awards is presented by Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory, presenting recipients with the state’s highest award for volunteer service.North Carolina prides itself on the stewardship and service within all communities, to which award recognizes the top twenty individuals, groups and businesses who honor this same spirit.
Shawn Schindler Events had the honor of participating in this year’s reception. Fresh, bold florals and delectable food selections greeted all attending including recipients, into further honorary celebration.
This event proves itself to be one a noble one to be a part of. This award ceremony focuses on supporting state and local volunteerism, community involvement and honoring the men and women who dedicate their time to put others first. It was truly an honor for Shawn Schindler Events, to participate in an event as special as this!


Recognition for participation in this event goes to: Unforgettable Food Affairs, Rocky Top Hospitality, Fresh Affairs, CE Rental, Chick-Fil-A and Community of Hope.

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14 Jan Just Have To Share….

For those who participated and those who have asked about the our volunteer activities in December, please take a moment to read this letter of thanks!

Dear Shawn,

First, please share this message freely with the individuals and organizations who supported the out pour of generous giving for our Veterans this holiday season. I wish I could meet with each of you to deliver a hug and our sincerest gratitude. It’s important to the staff here at Raleigh Vet Center for all of you to know what a special impact your giving had on our Veterans and their families, and that it was SO much more than a luncheon and gift giving.

At the Raleigh Vet Center, also known as Readjustment Counseling and a branch of the Veterans Administration, we serve combat veterans and their family members, and people who are bereaved because someone they love died while serving. This is a very special group of people who need to know the community has not forgotten and that they are supported. That message could not have been delivered more clearly by all of the giving that you coordinated this season!

So many veterans, Vietnam veterans especially, reached out to tell us how wonderful the event was and what a sincere message of gratitude that it sent to them. This is exceptionally important to many vets who were not treated with gratitude after they returned from combat. The message received by the veteran community here was “you matter and you have value”; this is essential to the healing we hope to foster in a Vet Center and your efforts were right on the mark to help us succeed.

Some of our Veterans have a difficult time socializing and going to public venues as they readjust and return to everyday life. Encouraging them to join with their communities is part of the work that Vet Centers do. The luncheon was a PERFECT event to help in that process and a starting point for many of the participants to begin that journey back into everyday life. I told you it was more than just a luncheon!

For the veterans who were sponsored to have gifts, groceries and necessities I can only say that “overwhelmed” does not do their reactions justice. Most were moved to tears by the overabundance. Groceries, gifts for their children to open on Christmas morning, household items they needed, but could not afford, mostly the message “you are not forgotten and we don’t want you or your children to go without” was very, very clear. There were veterans sleeping on real beds, wrapping gifts for their children and cooking wholesome meals this season who would have gone without all three without you.

Other staff had these words to share:

“Thank you so much to Shawn and Shawn Schindler Events! I was taken aback by the great job you all did to help the veterans and to put on such an event. I could see some light in the veteran’s eyes that day and especially the ones that were sponsored for Christmas. It brought tears to my eyes. You all have big hearts and it is truly neat to see help in the community that supports us and what we do. Please know I am deeply grateful.”

Heidi Oesterle-counselor

“Thank you so much for your generosity. The lunch was extremely well received by the veterans who attended. Many came to me in the days after to tell me how great of an experience it was for them. They really felt welcomed home and appreciated for their service. “

Greg Inman, Team Leader

Suffice it to say, we were all quite overwhelmed and abundantly grateful. We truly cannot thank you enough.

Wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year,


D. Jocelyn Cahall, L.C.S.W.
Raleigh Vet Center

“Keeping the Promise”

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07 Jan Raleigh Event Industry Gives Back

As many of you may know if you follow our blog, we recently teamed up with companies in the Raleigh event industry to put on a special event for local veterans of the Raleigh Vet Center. In the weeks leading up to our December 17 event, we were continuously shocked by the generosity of so many vendors and other companies. When Shawn decided to move forward with this event after the company who was originally going to sponsor it was unfortunately forced to back out, she had no idea what to expect for the outcome. Shawn has been in this industry a long time and has many made so many connections (now friends). Getting the support needed to create an event to remember was as simple as posting on Facebook.


Through Shawn’s business associates, friends and family, we were able to not only throw a beautiful luncheon for 100 Raleigh veterans, but we were also able to become a temporary Santa Claus by fulfilling the needs and wishes of four veterans’ families who had been struggling even before the holiday season. Such a wonderful day would not have been possible without the help and generosity of so many great people.


A big thanks to 1705 Prime for providing a location for the event.

Thank you to Expressions of Love Florist for the gorgeous arrangements.

For providing a wonderful meal, thank you for the combined efforts, Donovan’s Dish, Rocky Top Catering, and The Garden on Millbrook.

Thanks to the always delicious Ashley Cakes provided an adorable cupcake Christmas tree.

Thank you SPIN for donating your time to DJ.

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Hugo and Swell, and Cody Hartley for their live music.

Thanks to the IWP Photography staff for volunteering their time to make the event possible.

Thank you, Shannon Franks and her staff at Acme Foster Wheeler, for volunteering their time and generously donating household supplies to each of our families.

CE Rental and the offices of Dr. Daniel Turnbull, DDS adopted two of our families to help make their Christmas special. Your generosity is greatly appreciated; thank you so much!

Thank you to Mid-Way Baptist Church for donating finances and personal gifts to help enhance the families’ holidays and for volunteering time to make the event happen.

A special thanks to The Better Sleep Store for helping to provide bedding for two of our families.


Veterans Collage


What started as an idea with little depth, turned into a Christmas miracle thanks to the support and generosity of the companies and staff listed above. This event could not have been pulled off without every one of you.


Last but certainly not least, thanks to Shawn Schindler! It would have been easy to cancel this event once the original sponsors could no longer proceed, but that is simply not in Shawn’s nature. There was no question that she was going to go forth with the event on her own. With her creativity and determination, she rounded up a great team to execute an event that embodies the true meaning of Christmas. I feel blessed to have been a part of such a special day.


Have a blessed New Year, everyone.

Kirsti, Consultant


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