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18 Oct Wedding Trend: Wedding Hashtags

Have you been to any weddings lately? Noticed anything different? We have! Wedding hashtags are the newest and trendiest way for you and your guests to post photos from your wedding. Wedding hashtags provide a way for you and your fiancé to easily see photos that your guests posted from your wedding day. It also amps up the excitement leading up to your wedding and is a cute way to personalize your wedding.


By using a hashtag, all of your photos are grouped into one collection on all social media sites and can be easily found. Hashtags are a great way for you to get creative and have fun with all of your wedding celebrations! Making your own wedding hashtag is very easy because there are multiple wedding hashtag generators available online and for free. Our personal favorite hashtag generator is Wedding Wire, because it is easy to use and helps provides plenty of original hashtags.


When you find the perfect hashtag, you can include it in your wedding invitations and social media posts to remind your guests to use it on the wedding day. In addition to this, you can also display a festive sign on the wedding day to once again remind the guests to use your hashtag.


Get cracking on your wedding hashtag today using Wedding Wire’s wedding hash tag generator today!


Comment and let us know what you came up with!


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13 Apr Modern-Day Wedding Etiquette

This recent article from The Knot highlights how expectations for wedding etiquette have changed and how you can adapt. We think this article is a great guide for both brides/grooms and wedding guests. Here are some points we wanted to highlight:


“Send out traditional paper invites for the main event”

Traditional paper invitations are timeless and appropriate for the occasion. An email simply does not speak the same level of importance as a physical paper invitation. Don’t get us wrong, we agree with Simone Hill that emails are perfectly fine for celebrations leading up to and after the wedding, but not for the actual wedding.


“Leave the phone in your purse or pocket”

Practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and anywhere you go you can see someone on their phone. But is a wedding really the most appropriate place to do this?Trust us, we love our smartphones just as much as anyone else, but during the wedding day, we want our main focus to be on the bride and groom.


“Follow the directions for the RSVP”

This is so important, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to reply to the RSVP. When we as wedding planners are trying to coordinate all of the RSVP’s coming into our inbox, it can become very confusing, especially when the bride and groom are receiving texts and then try to transfer that information to us. So please, make it easier on the bride and groom and follow RSVP etiquette!


Do you agree or disagree with the points in this article? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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25 Feb Pinterest Problems and DIY Drama: The Reason a Professional Makes A Difference

Pinterest Problems Blog

When Pinterest began in 2010, brides to be took to the internet in a fury to pin their wedding desires and DIY dreams in hopes of a hands-on wedding process full of customized decor and a personalized touch.

While the idea of a bride creating their own decor, substituting the professionals for a more “Pinspirational” approach seems cost-efficient and simplistic, the outcomes are not nearly as “Pinspiring” as hoped.

With the website, She Finds elaborating on the 10 Reasons Not to Plan Your Wedding On Pinterest, the Pinterest goggles (#10) come off in this blog post and reality is openly displayed. For those of you reading, this isn’t our way of telling you the DIY details you’ve added to your wedding plans are bad, actually quite opposite. Its important to know more about when and where to apply the “Pinteresting” idea’s you have for your wedding!

Here are some professional inputs (or reasons) as to why Pinterest Problems and DIY Drama occurs and why an event specialist makes the difference:

  • You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix something you need an electrician for.
    It is the same with wedding planning. Those of us in events are professionals that have experience, knowledge and connections in the event industry which you, your “best friend that planned her sisters wedding” or anyone else may not have. A team is essential to any line of work and that goes true to your wedded ideals. A florist is a florist because they know flowers, a caterer is a caterer because they know what it takes to cater an event, not a work luncheon of drop-off delivery and ditch.
    While Pinterest seems like a good place to get DIY floral arrangements and “I could do this cheaper than…” thoughts, it ends in disarray. You pay for a fantastic photographer, why would you have the design of your event (which they capture on film) displaying anything other than the perfection you witnessed on Pinterest, which more than likely is not an actual image of what it REALLY would look like.


  • How much do you REALLY know about planning a wedding?
    Do you know the standard industry catering fee? Do you know the proper order of processional? Do you know how many chiavari chairs fit at a 60 inch round table, with or without charger plates? Didn’t think so… That is why you hire a professional! All of us in the event industry know what it takes to make an event happen and it is with that knowledge that we pass on to you (the bride) that makes not only your life easier, but more cost-efficient than you think.
    The 20 dollar store votives you (may have) purchased for your centerpiece floating candles fueled your “Pinning” process plans. However, now you find the task of delegation for a friend or family member to clean, fill (equally) and properly put in a floating candle during the reception set-up time, which is during your ceremony, for 15 or more tables. Now, wouldn’t a couple extra dollars have saved you and anyone you’ve delegated, the time, stress and effort of simply putting out candle votives, which doesn’t even include any other flowers or decor? Not to mention, a wedding professional does pick-up and drop-off which means someone else doesn’t have to bring everything and take it with them when they leave. Again, these are the small things that a wedding professional can help you with!


  • The “It’ll Be So Original!” thought process.
    Unless Katherine Hiegle makes your wedding dress 28 of her “27 Dresses” we can guarantee that no one else knows of the wedding trends more than an event professional. We know all our clients (and our industry friends’ clients) linens, decor and wedding idea’s far more than you or anyone else may. While Pinterest seems like a hub of originality, the current number of users exceeds any number of original idea’s you could implement in your special day.
    Your wedding is meant to be your day and thus, serve it as a guide not a design book that looks like every other big day posted on someones board. Last thing you want at your next holiday party is all of your newlywed friends commenting on how “I did the same thing when WE got married!” on all your wedding pictures displayed around your house.

Now, these are just three small notes we have made in regards to our professional experiences in the Pinterest Problems and DIY Drama’s but there are obviously more we could share. However, this blog isn’t meant to be a sass-filled elaboration on whats wrong with brides who DIY their Pinsperations, actually, its meant to explain how to be smart with your Pinned plans and Michael’s coupons when it comes to your special day.

We at Shawn Schindler Events know you deserve a wonderful, memorable and unique wedding to serve as the perfect reflection of you. Let us help you do just that!

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09 Jun Tossing out the traditions?

While catching up on all things wedding related through nearly any outlet possible, we have discovered that many topics of discussion have been focused on the “typical” wedding traditions and tossing them out of the modern wedding mix.

Cosmopolitan Magazine shared an article about the 7 Wedding Traditions That Need to Die. A little bit of a melodramatic title for something wedding related, but none-the-less, it seems to revel in the collected opinions of the magazines readers. The bouquet toss, garter retrieval, bridesmaids, the white dress, father giveaway, not seeing each other before hand and lastly, the cake smashing.

We can understand some of the ideas behind nixing some long-standing traditions, after all, who wants to ruin the gorgeous make-up which you spent way too long sitting in a chair getting done? Or even worse, having your dear old gram gram watching your new husband shove his head up your dress to retrieve a garter…

Now that doesn’t mean we oppose any of the traditions at your wedding, it is your day, not ours!

But, for all our future “brides-to-be” or even those reading who are or have been married, what do you think of the tossing out of traditions for today’s “modern” brides?

Comment, quote, link or rebuttal. We want your opinions!

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30 Jan Seating Chart 101

To assign seats or to not assign seats, that is the question. This semi-last minute task is no easy undertaking. Because of this, many couples opt to have open seating at their wedding reception or special event. For me, open seating would stress me out more than putting together 5 seating charts would! Planning is kind of my thing, so it is obvious for me which route I would go.

(Borrowed from Pinterest)

For those out there who are ready to take on the project of assigning seats and creating a seating chart or place cards, follow these 6 simple rules. You want to make sure all your hard work shows in a perfectly executed plan!


1. Make sure your RSVP deadline gives you plenty of time to play around with who sits where and to create your place cards and/or chart. And let’s be honest, it is very unlikely that everyone will actually get their card in on time. Leave a few extra days for Aunt Sue to mail in her response and for you to not lose your cool!

2. Make sure you have the accurate amount of chairs per the size table that you will be using at your reception. Seems like a no brainier, but a 60 inch round table cannot fit all 12 of your second cousins, you are going to have to split them up!

3. Organize your seating chart in alphabetical order, not by table number. Trust me; it just makes life a ton easier for your wedding planner who is setting up the place card table and for your guests who don’t want to spend 20 minutes looking for their name.

(Borrowed from Pinterest)

4. Don’t forget about the kids! Are you having a designated kids table or will the kiddos be dining with the adults? Either way, make sure you do not omit their names in the chart. Also, look into whether or not you will need high chairs at any tables.

5. If you are getting creative, have an attendant; there are so many fun ways to display your seating chart. If for some reason you think your guests may miss your display or if there is something that may be left up to interpretation, ask your lovely guest book attendant to play double duty. Make sure you situate your guest book close to the seating chart table or easel so the attendant can be there and manage both.

confusing(Borrowed from Pinterest)

6. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B. Things get lost, last minute guests show up, names get misspelled. Make sure you have an alphabetical list of all of your guests and their corresponding table, in the event they cannot locate their name. Have extra materials available if an extra place card has to be put together in a pinch. Even if you haven’t heard back from them on whether or not they are attending, leave a spot for last minute guests.


Bonus tip—incorporating your wedding favors into your place cards is a fun twist…and is cost effective! It also makes it more likely that your guests will actually take home their favors!

(Borrowed from Pinterest)

Written by Amanda Frystock

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10 Nov All That Glitters is Gold?

I don’t consider myself a girly-girl, but even I can’t help but appreciate a touch of sparkle. The way I see it, you can never go wrong with some extra bling…. and the North Carolina wedding industry seems to agree! More and more I am seeing couples incorporate this bit of flare into their big day.

weddingglitter(Borrowed from Pinterest)


I mean, c’mon, there are so many cute ideas out there on Pinterest! Everything from glitter send offs to sparkling champagne bottles, it is easy to get swept up in this craze. But there are a few important things to consider before setting your sights on including glitter into your décor.

First and foremost, make sure you check in with your venue on their cleaning policy. Many places try to avoid glitter at all costs because it is nearly impossible to clean out of carpets or inside the crevices of brick and stone. That is not to say venues won’t let you use sparkles at your ceremony or reception; you may just lose your security deposit. Try to stick to materials that are easily cleaned up by a vacuum.


So, instead of this—-> glitterfloor Think this—–>partypoppers
(Borrowed from Pinterest)


My next tip of advice is to avoid using glitter in any of your DIY projects. Getting crafty for your big day is a great way to save money and have fun bonding with your bridesmaids & family, but think back to Christmas time. Remember that year when you decided to use those glitter bows and you were finding pieces of glitter in your hair for weeks? Multiply that but 10,000. Keep in mind you are going to have to store these glitter creations in your home and then transport them at some point. Just imagine your glitter trail. In this case, I would leave it to the professionals. Perhaps ask your florist to incorporate something into the arrangements.


So, instead of this —>glitter letters Think this —-> flowerswithglitter
(Borrowed from Pinterest)


My final tip is to be strategic as to where you chose to include glitter during your reception. While adding glitter to the outside of the vases on your tablescape may look beautiful, you have to keep in mind that your guests are eating on this table….and no one likes a bedazzled filet. Instead, find a fun table linen or get creative with your napkins.


Go bold —->tablescape Or get personal—->bethandben
(Borrowed from Pinterest)

Written by Amanda Frystock

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20 Oct Event Planning or Event Coordination: What is the difference?

A lot of the wedding lingo can get confusing to someone who isn’t in the industry. If you’re in the planning process now or just getting started, this will help to differentiate between the people you are hiring!


Full Service Planner:  A planner is a person who can and will do it all. If you look on the services page of our website, you’ll see we offer different packages to meet your event planning needs. If someone wanted to go with our full service option, Spectacular, they would be hiring a full service planner. This means, the client gets help with every aspect of their wedding, including attending other vendor meetings together among much more. This option is great for clients who want expert advice on every detail throughout the entire process.


A planner would also be hired for clients who choose our Timeless service package. Timeless is partial planning. Perhaps, you have half of the details aligned, but need help with the rest. If that’s the case, the Timeless package would be perfect for you!


Event Coordinator:  Coordinators do just that: coordinate. There is no planning on the coordinator’s end. Handling the day-of wedding logistics is what coordinators specialize in. That means, on the day of your special event, a coordinator would be there from before it starts until after it ends to make sure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. Coordinators are truly lifesavers so family and friends can enjoy the special day and not have to worry about behind-the-scenes details.


Venue Manager:  A venue manager represents the venue.   A venue manager and coordinator/planner are not the same thing! Venue coordinators handle behind-the-scenes logistics for the venue. If something runs out of stock in the bathroom, the venue coordinator handles that. If a window gets broken, the venue coordinator handles that. Most venue coordinators will not help make sure the event itself is run smoothly, that is what event coordinators and planners are hired for!


A question you may have after reading those definitions is if a planner is also an event coordinator. Yes! You should definitely read about our service packages, but like I said above: planners do it all. They help from the beginning of the planning process to the end of event when the boxes get packed away in a vehicle. Planners do everything coordinators do and more.


If you have any other questions, or would like to contact us about scheduling a consultation, email us at


-Kirsti, Consultant

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