12 Nov Veteran’s Appreciation: Raleigh Event Industry gives back

We all stopped Tuesday to give thanks and remember the sacrifice the United States Military has done for our country. Today I ask that you put action behind your thoughts!

One of my corporate clients recently received shocking news that their local office will be closing. This happened after they planned on helping the Raleigh Vet Center this holiday season. They had committed to helping three families of veterans who are really struggling and to provide a holiday meal for the approximately 100 Triangle vets.  Individually the employees of our client will be helping to meet some of the family needs; however, they no longer have funding from the corporate office which would have allowed them to do much more.

So, I thought….the triangle event industry consists of many small businesses, alone we may not feel like we can make a huge difference but together, we can make a big impact. We want to open this opportunity to give back to our local vets so that their holiday season can be special.  I have begun reaching out to several of my event associates and everyone agrees we should help.

Below is a list of the items the 3 families need for Christmas, or need in their basic day-to-day life. Keep in mind our corporate client wanted them to “dream big” as you will see from some of the requests.

FAMILY 1: Single Mom


  • Any kind of clothing including shoes, pants, shirts or socks.  They are OK for winter jackets.  She admitted she wouldn’t mind clothing either.  Sizes noted below.
  • Plastic dinner dishes for the children (glass dishes are being broken and she goes through paper plates very quickly.
  • ** A twin mattress for a bunk bed.   One of the children currently sleeps on a futon.
  • Blankets/comforter or sheets for the beds.  They prefer T-shirt sheets, if possible.  4 twin, 1 queen.

**Shawn Schindler Events will be providing the twin mattress



  • Jewelry or hair accessories for the girls (ears are pierced)
  • Books for boy (Mortal Instrument series or something with some action in it)
  • Mom/Veteran – credit or gift card for  She only has time to “read” when driving back and forth to work and loves the audio books.

Mom has requested no video games.  While the children have a few, they are used as a reward or for time-limited fun.  She prefers the children play or read.

Child                               Shoes                     Pants and shirts

3 year old girl                 8                              4/5

7 year old girl                 13 or 1                     8-10 (wide leg)

8 year old girl                 13 or 1                     8-10

13 year old boy               Adult 10 ½             16/18

Veteran                           11 Wide                   18 W or XXL


FAMILY 2:  A single dad, no longer homeless as of the first week of November

*** I am so honored to say CE Rentals has adopted this family and will be providing for them!!


  • EVERYTHING except a toaster, twin beds and a coffee pot for the household.
  • 8 year old girl – she needs reading books for grades 2 and 3.
  • 13 year old boy – sleep pants, men’s size small, and hoodies, men’s size medium
  • 22 year old son –  sleep pants, men’s size small, and hoodies, men’s size small.
  • Veteran – needs household goods like queen bed, sheets, blankets and pillows.  He has no computer.  He needs food, games and toys to play when kids are with him.  A vacuum is needed as are dishes and kitchenware.  He wears a men’s XL.



  • Barbie house
  • Bike (26″)
  • iPads


FAMILY 3:  Single mom caring for elderly mother and her 16 year old


  • 16 year old – needs a laptop for college NC Central (she is graduating early),  wears size 13-14 pants and large tops.  She wears 8.5 shoes.  Any clothes or shoes are welcomed.
  • Mother – needs underwear size 10 (bloomers), pajamas like night gowns, sleep XL pants, and socks
  • Veteran – wears size 13-14 and XL in shirts, her shoes are 9.  She needs winter clothes.  She needs to have an eye exam for contacts so she doesn’t have to wear glasses.  She needs to pay for her daughters wisdom teeth to be removed and her co-pay is $400.



  • Xbox 360 games (new call of duty)


***The agency is providing Thanksgiving dinner for this family. They need a sponsor for Christmas dinner, but please note they have severe allergies to nuts.


Additionally, the organization has needs/wishes:

  • Volunteers to assist with establishing a lending library at their office.   Including bookshelves, books, magazines, DVD’s, etc.
  • A face-lift to the “gathering” place at the office. They currently have one bench outside where the veterans socialize while waiting to receive services from the agency.


The biggest wish from the organization is someone to sponsor or contribute to their holiday brunch or luncheon.   My corporate client was originally going to sponsor a traditional holiday lunch for approximately 100 local vets and their families. Unfortunately they can no longer do this. This would be a wonderful opportunity for several caterers to join hands and provide this need for the Raleigh Vet Center.

If you are interested in helping with the families and/or this organization, please let me know.   Our staff is honored to coordinate the combined efforts of our fellow event professionals.    You can reach me on my cell 919-417-0460 or email me at to let me know how you would like to be a part of “giving back”!  I would like to have all items dropped off by Tuesday, December 9, 2014 so that I can deliver the items to the administrative staff at the Vet center on Thursday, December 11, 2014.

At this time, we have established drop off locations at Creative Visions, Expressions of Love Florist, IWP Photography and SPIN.  We are working on securing a drop off location in Cary.

Thank you so much for helping us and our honored vets!




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