30 Oct Weddings, Parties, and Celebrations Don’t just happen!

Wedding Work

Our throwback Thursday for this week is from a wedding a few years ago when consultants Shawn and Emily traveled to Statesville, North Carolina. This may be a #tbt but our commitment and dedication to our brides hasn’t waivered, we continue to go above and beyond to make each clients special day one to remember!

Weddings, parties and celebrations don’t just happen! A lot goes on behind the scenes. Enjoy a few photos of Shawn and Emily in action at Kristin and Todd’s wedding in Statesville, North Carolina. We had the pleasure of working with Brian Mullins Photography for this wedding. Shawn Schindler Events has always admired Brian’s work but this was our first times actually working together. Since this wedding a few years ago we have had the pleasure of working with Brian on some of our biggest events yet!


tolbert_wedding-0173 (2)

Here Shawn is pinning a flower on our groom, Todd, and the rest of the guys in the wedding party. This is a moment Shawn still loves; we can’t have flowers out of place for photos!


I love this photo; children attendants can add so much to the overall feel of the ceremony. After this little guy’s dad went down the aisle, he decided he wanted to go with dad, not wait for his turn. We always tell our couples we are experienced with children and if there are issues prior to sending them down the aisle, we will take care of them. After trying to get this little one to wait his turn and sending the wedding party down the aisle at the same time, I can honestly say I am out of practice with 18 month old “wiggle worms” and very thankful for my assistant!


What a unique signature board, you actually etch the signatures in the matting with a special pen. We take items like this from our clients weeks prior to the event so they don’t have to worry about them getting there!

Cake CuttingCake Cutting2.

Cutting the cake; this is not normally the responsibility of the our staff. However, we always do whatever it takes to make the event a wonderful experience for all. Kristin had asked her aunts to cut the cake and they were nervous about not knowing the proper way to cut a wedding cake so that you get the number of serving needed. So, give us some gloves and we can take care of it!

Shawn and Kristin

We are constantly learning and sharping our skills. Thanks to Mrs. Veda, one of our favorite alterations specialist, for sharing this interesting technique for lifting the hem of the gown when the bride changes into flats!

Fun with Brian

I have said it before, we love what we do and have fun doing it. Thanks to Brian Mullins and Ginger for such great photos and helping us make Kristin and Todd’s wedding special!

– Written by Shawn Schindler

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27 Oct New Name, New Look…

I have 14 years’ experience in the event industry as a social and corporate planner, the last 7 years owning my own event consulting company. Making the decision to rebrand my company wasn’t easy! But “Shawn Schindler” has been known in the Triangle event industry for a long time. Once I made the decision to change the name to better reflect the caliber of events we produce, the decision to partner with the right Raleigh professionals to make it happen was easy!

When I started my business 7 years ago, the first person I contacted was graphic designer, Shari Sasser of Sasser Studios. Shari always takes my random ideas and turns them into something spectacular! Throughout the years, she has learned the “weddings” business so that we can present a look that is current for the company. We have also learned never use “brown” in a logo!

I first met Ginny Corbett at a wedding we worked together in May 2013. Two strong, passionate professionals working together required bonding! After several other events together, I am thrilled to recommend Ginny to my clients and to call her a friend. I hate having my photo taken! Ginny understood my vision, she made me and our entire staff very comfortable and captured the essence of our new look!

Lastly, thank you Jill Donovan with Donovan’s Dish for introducing me to Mike Rosado (El Jefe) and Jeremy Scott with M.R. Creative! Our new website is perfect!! Thank you for listening to my random ideas, your undying patience with the million emails and edits and making our vision a reality!!

The response from the Triangle event community, previous and active clients, our friends and family has been overwhelming! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We had a vision but like the events we execute, it took a team to execute the “production” successfully.

Written by Shawn Schindler

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23 Oct Throwback Thursday: Ashlee and John

As the newest member of the team, I don’t have much wedding experience to write about yet. While thinking about what I could blog about, it hit me: Throwback Thursday! Background info: I knew I wanted to work for an event planner after I graduated college in May, and I knew I wanted to live somewhere warmer than Ohio. In the midst of my post-grad struggles, the lovely Ashlee Riddick (my boyfriend’s sister) said that she knows the best planner in Raleigh who has opportunities for new graduates. Well, I contacted Shawn and here I am three months later working for Shawn Schindler Events and getting to learn all about Raleigh in a unique and fun way! This brings me to my #TBT, which is Ashlee and John tie the knot June 2, 2012. Ashlee and John got married at The Sutherland in Wake Forest. I haven’t been there yet, but I think we can all agree that, based on these photos, it is beautiful! Speaking of photos, they were taken by the talented Carisa Chee.


What I love about Ashlee’s wedding is that it is very visible through photos the amount of detail that went into planning her special day. I love weddings that are filled with personality, and Ashlee and John’s personality was definitely in the details! Even her bouquet had a personal touch.


Now, I’d like us all to take a moment to appreciate Ashlee’s bling. Ya did good, John (and Ashlee for picking out these shoes)!


Ashlee and her family feel blessed to have had Shawn’s professional advice throughout the planning process. Ashlee still recalls what a help Shawn was. “Shawn and her team of wonderful associates helped to make sure my day was perfect! With my mom living in Charlotte, I needed a lot of help planning. Shawn went with me to all my consultations and offered her expert advice when I couldn’t make a decision. It was so refreshing for me and my family to have her handling all of the chaos of the big day so all we had to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy the day!”



I love that it is clear how much fun everyone had from the beginning to the end of John and Ashlee’s special day. I wish I knew the family back then so I could have attended their wonderful celebration!


John and Ashlee recently celebrated their two year anniversary, and we are now anxiously waiting for them to have Riddick babies! Congrats, guys, love ya!

-Kirsti, Consultant

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20 Oct Event Planning or Event Coordination: What is the difference?

A lot of the wedding lingo can get confusing to someone who isn’t in the industry. If you’re in the planning process now or just getting started, this will help to differentiate between the people you are hiring!


Full Service Planner:  A planner is a person who can and will do it all. If you look on the services page of our website, you’ll see we offer different packages to meet your event planning needs. If someone wanted to go with our full service option, Spectacular, they would be hiring a full service planner. This means, the client gets help with every aspect of their wedding, including attending other vendor meetings together among much more. This option is great for clients who want expert advice on every detail throughout the entire process.


A planner would also be hired for clients who choose our Timeless service package. Timeless is partial planning. Perhaps, you have half of the details aligned, but need help with the rest. If that’s the case, the Timeless package would be perfect for you!


Event Coordinator:  Coordinators do just that: coordinate. There is no planning on the coordinator’s end. Handling the day-of wedding logistics is what coordinators specialize in. That means, on the day of your special event, a coordinator would be there from before it starts until after it ends to make sure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. Coordinators are truly lifesavers so family and friends can enjoy the special day and not have to worry about behind-the-scenes details.


Venue Manager:  A venue manager represents the venue.   A venue manager and coordinator/planner are not the same thing! Venue coordinators handle behind-the-scenes logistics for the venue. If something runs out of stock in the bathroom, the venue coordinator handles that. If a window gets broken, the venue coordinator handles that. Most venue coordinators will not help make sure the event itself is run smoothly, that is what event coordinators and planners are hired for!


A question you may have after reading those definitions is if a planner is also an event coordinator. Yes! You should definitely read about our service packages, but like I said above: planners do it all. They help from the beginning of the planning process to the end of event when the boxes get packed away in a vehicle. Planners do everything coordinators do and more.


If you have any other questions, or would like to contact us about scheduling a consultation, email us at info@shawnschindlerevents.com.


-Kirsti, Consultant

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30 Sep Shawn Schindler Events team photoshoot

What a blast our company photo shoot was! Thank you so much to Ginny Corbett of Ginny Corbett Photography for joining us and making us laugh while taking some AMAZING photos! I know for me personally, someone taking my photo isn’t something I love doing, but Ginny made it so much fun for me and our whole group.




We met at 18 Seaboard near downtown Raleigh for our photo shoot. They had an awesome rooftop veranda where we had a flawless backdrop, the downtown skyline. The appetizers weren’t bad either; thanks so much to 18 Seaboard for their hospitality!

18 Seaboard is a perfect place to have an engagement party, bridal luncheon, or corporate holiday party. Let Ginny Corbett take some amazing photographs and Shawn Schindler Events take all your planning worries away. Everyone check them out!!
~ Alex Watkins, Consultant

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29 Sep My First Wedding

As a recent graduate, I am new to the Shawn Schindler Events team. I got the pleasure of working with the lovely Jessica Tilton and her new husband Josh for my first wedding.

Their wedding ceremony took place at All Saints Chapel, located in Raleigh. It is such a quaint little chapel, but surprisingly big inside! Jess and Josh didn’t have their reception at the chapel, but there was a large event space in the basement that is perfect for couples who want to have their ceremony and reception at the same location.





Jess and Josh decided to have their first look before the ceremony itself. Doing the first look before the ceremony is a wonderful idea for couples who want to have a peaceful, private moment alone to really take it all in before the excitement of their wedding begins. Jess and Josh had their first look inside the chapel. Shawn closed and guarded the doors to assure their moment was uninterrupted. We may or may not have peeked through the crack in the doors to see how happy the husband and wife to be were. 😉





Once the first look excitement was over, the guests started arriving and it was time to start the ceremony! Everything went along smoothly, and before long, Jess and Josh were exchanging vows and say “I do!” After that, it was time for the guests to drive to the reception site for cocktail hour and for the wedding party to have some fun with post ceremony photos by their wonderful photographer Joe of Joe Payne Photography.





Their reception was located at Driftwood Southern Kitchen in Lafayette Village, which has a beautiful European feel. As cocktail hour was coming to an end, Jess and Josh arrived in style in a Bentley just in time for the wedding party to be introduced at the reception.

Adding to the southern flair of Driftwood, Jess and Josh provided personal touches to further decorate the reception site. Jess herself created the cutest place cards and provided rustic doors with guest names and table numbers written in chalk. A very cute detail! Even more of a personal touch was the use of records as a guest book for guests to sign as they arrived to the reception. Beautifully framed engagement photos were set up around the room for guests to see. Gorgeous floral arrangements by Expressions of Love Florist made everything even more special!





After dinner, it was time for a guest favorite: cake. Jess surprised Josh with an awesome life sized guitar cake, which was later shared with guests. To add to the selection, there was also Gigi’s Cupcakes! As a new North Carolina resident, I had never had the pleasure of indulging in a Gigi’s cupcake until that night. And let me tell you, since that wedding I’m pretty sure I have become a top customer at the Brier Creek location. I actually just took a bite of a midnight magic (chocolate on chocolate on chocolate) cupcake right now… no shame here!





Finally, my favorite part of being a wedding guest (and the hardest part of being a wedding planner)— the DJ got the party started. I love being able to live vicariously through the guests who are breaking it down on the dance floor. It’s a little tough to restrain myself when some personal favorites come on, but these guests were definitely having enough fun for everyone. Once the music started, these guests made sure the party didn’t stop all night! After the inevitable last song, guests gathered outside to send the newlyweds off to start their new journey together. Jess and Josh had a classic sparkler sendoff, which is fun in person and looks beautiful in photos.





My first behind the scenes wedding experience had come to an end, and boy was I ready to take my shoes off! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Tilton, for letting me share your special day with you (and for starting my unhealthy, yet extremely delicious, cupcake addiction). I am excited to see what the future holds for both of you!


Like we always say, pulling off incredible events like this always takes a team effort. We work with amazing vendors all around the state, so be sure to check them out for your event!





-Kirsti, Consultant


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